MARMALADE DUPLEX Play The Tuna Olive Village

$30.00 - $90.00
  • MARMALADE DUPLEX Play The Tuna Olive Village

This is the debut full length LP MARMALADE DUPLEX Play The Tuna Olive Village on Corduroy Palace Records (CP-001).

First press limited to 200 copies.
Full colour jacket, labels and insert artwork by Marc Bell.
Try your luck, my duck: just under half of these will also contain a bumper sticker.
Shipping in May.

Check out the lead-off single JELLIED SALAD JUGGERNAUT and second single HUNK BUNK (FORTY_FIVE FLOORS) at:

All songs written and arranged by Marc Bell, Tyson Brinacombe and Brad De Roo.


Apartment A
1. Grandma’s Sunshine Salad 3:02
2. Slab Architecture 1:46
3. Sallow Green Light 2:16
4. Hunk Bunk (Forty-Five Floors) 3:39
5. Next On Channel 32 0:58
6. Heads Are A Bother 3:01
7. New System 5:20

Apartment B
1. Jellied Salad Juggernaut 2:56
2. Next On Channel 251 1:40
3. The Pupusa With Four Brains 2:53
4. The Wobbler And The Squeegee 2:53
5. Next On Channel 8 1:58
6. Past The Past i) I, Hollow Liquid Encasement ii)The Hunk Ingests The Shape-Changing Plasma iii) The Underwater Cry! 8:46


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